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2 year olds

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what our parents

                    say about us...

"I know my mummy and daddy wouldn't leave me with just
                  anybody - I'm too special to them, but I don't think she ever
         realised how much I would love you all and
                                      how much love I would get back"

"You have all played a huge part in my life and made me into the happy,

cheeky, confident boy I am."

- Ethan and his Mummy

“We certainly chose the most perfect nursery,

you have provided the most caring and happy environment”

- Carly and her son..

“Thanks for giving our children a great start to their lives, you guys are truly the best”

- Kerry and her children.

“The staff are amazing just like a second family, the nursery is a credit to you

Denise and I really can’t praise you all enough”

- Emma and her children.

"There is a very relaxed, homely and welcoming environment throughout the nursery. Children form very close relationships with the staff who look after them, therefore they feel safe and emotionally secure"

(Ofsted 2015)

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